International researcher initiatives that seek to address global challenges may reproduce colonial approaches to knowledge production and use, ignoring local relations and context, and with accompanying power imbalances.

Our project producing resources to support Indigenous and non-indigenous researchers planning research collaborations to think about their methods, assumptions and behaviour was funded under UKRI’s International Collaboration Initiative, in a grant made to the ESRC National Centre for Research Methods.

The resources have been produced by the project partners:

  • Professor Rosalind Edwards, University of Southampton, UK
  • Professor Helen Moewaka Barnes, Massey University, New Zealand
  • Professor Deborah McGregor, York University, Canada
  • Dr. Tula Brannelly, Bournemouth University, UK

In collaboration with

  • Christine Garrington, researchpodcasts.co.uk
  • Olivia Hicks, comic artist, University of Dundee, UK

The project built on existing international networking between these non-Indigenous and Indigenous researchers, with members of this network collaborating previously in NCRM-led event and publication activities.

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The footprints image in our header represents being aware of who we are and the ‘footprints’ we leave in our relationships and research practice, the need to tread carefully, and knowing when to step back and when to step forward – all issues raised in our discussions about Indigenous and non-Indigenous researcher partnerships.