Footprint in the sand: a discussion on Indigenous and non-Indigenous research collaboration

Footprint in the Sand is a discussion between our project’s four partners aboutĀ developing effective collaborations between Indigenous and non Indigenous researchers.


0.00-5.00 Our research team introduce themselves, their connection to and interest in the topic.

5.00-7.00 Ros and Tula talk about ‘stepping outside their comfort zone’ whilst undertaking research in New Zealand and how it challenged their experience and expectations.

7.00-10.40 Helen and Deborah explain some of the historical context from the MāoriĀ  and Anishinaabe perspective. They reflect on the legacy of colonialism and how it has impacted and continues to impact on the way research is undertaken on Indigenous communities.

10.40-17.00 Discussion of the dangers and risks inherent in researchers from predominantly Western backgrounds trying to enter into partnerships with Indigenous researchers and people.

17.00-20.42 Helen and Deborah share some of their experiences of working with people wanting to undertake research with Indigenous research communities.

20.42-22.43 Tula talks about the lack of information and advice available to non Indigenous researchers and her own experience of working with Indigenous people in New Zealand.

22.43-29.27 Discussion of research methods and approaches (Indigenous and non-Indigenous) and what works and what doesn’t in an Indigenous context.

29.27-38.28 A discussion of what good collaborations look like, how they start, evolve and lead to research that can benefit the groups of people or communities concerned.

38.28-end Ros talks about how the project is working to help non Indigenous researchers by providing ideas and resources that can support them to generate effective collaborations that lead to impactful research.

Footprint in the Sand was produced and edited by Christine Garrington of Research Podcasts.Ā