Welcome to the Indigenous and non-Indigenous research collaborations website.

The overarching aim of this website and its resources is to encourage researchers who are embarking on Indigenous and non-Indigenous partnerships.  It supports you to think about your methods, assumptions and behaviour. It does not provide a definitive blueprint.

International research initiatives that seek to address global challenges often require collaborations between western-based non-Indigenous researchers and Indigenous researchers living and working in communities.  Research partnerships between Indigenous researchers practicing Indigenous methodologies and non-Indigenous researchers offer benefits:

For non-Indigenous researchers:

  • It can involve you in collegial and appropriate approaches to gaining knowledge about people’s lives, with a better understanding of a community’s needs and meeting them on their own terms.

For Indigenous researchers:

  • It can provide you with supportive allies in addressing contemporary challenges facing Indigenous peoples, and gaining respect for Indigenous approaches and knowledges

On this website you will find:

  • information about our partnership project
  • an introduction to Indigenous approaches
  • comic, audio and textual resources that can act as prompts to start thinking about the challenges and tensions in partnership working
  • a blog posting researchers’ experiences of Indigenous / non-Indigenous research partnerships

Website header image

The footprints image in our header represents being aware of who we are and the ‘footprints’ we leave in our relationships and research practice, the need to tread carefully, and knowing when to step back and when to step forward – all issues raised in our discussions about Indigenous and non-Indigenous researcher partnerships.